Sunday, October 10, 2010

christmas wish list number 1

 This will be my first christmas list of many lists.
I love the pearl earrings above, they come from the beautiful,
I love the way they look on the old gold and white china.
I already have a pair of pearls that I wear almost everyday,
but I could always use another pair.
 This ring is from
I love how the stone sparkles. 
Hint, hint,
I realllllyyyy want this.
 I much prefer silver to gold,
but lately I have been attracted to gold.
I recently purchased a really cute gold neclace with charms from
the store Francesca in Phoenix
and this bracelet would be perfect with it.
You can find this in
I am a sucker for anything pink. 
Love, Love, Love,
these earrings.
Except, my hubby hates dangly earrings on me.
These are from
 I would definitely wear this with the above earrings.
You can find this necklace at
I think it would be absolutely lovely, worn
with a crisp white blouse for Christmas.
 If nobody buys this for me,
I will be buying this for myself.
It might already be on its way to my house.

Shhh, don't tell my family.  I get in so much
trouble for shopping before Christmas...
something about, I am always buying for myself and
there is nothing left to buy me.
Oh well,
maybe they can buy something off of my next Christmas list,
the Kitchen Christmas list.
A girl always needs more kitchen stuff.

Happy Shopping,


  1. My Mom's name is Petie. I've never seen another person with that name! That's why I clicked on your blog from someone else's! how odd! are you named after someone? Something? My Mom is named after a peanut, because that's what she looked like in the hospital.

    I've have to tell her you're out there!


  2. So... first let me say you are going to be in trouble if you purchase any of the above mentioned items. Second, I think you should post a blog about how your nickname!

  3. Oh my...I adore all of these pieces. They are all dainty and beautiful. That sparkly ring just makes my heart go pitter pat.