Tuesday, June 29, 2010

taco tuesday

Just about every Tuesday, I serve my family tacos.
They love these tacos. I adapted the recipe from my
mom's house cleaner who was a part of our lives for
as long as I can remember. Her name was Cammie
and she made the best tacos and hot sauce.
Cammie's Tacos
1 lb. ground beef
(I like my beef fatty, for the flavor, but if you don't care about
flavor, use the lean kind)
2 tablespoons of chili powder
course salt
ground pepper
garlic salt or powder
(whatever you have on hand)
In a large skillet,
throw in some course salt and brown the ground beef.
I like to use a spatula and break up the
ground beef so there are no large chunks.
When the meat is almost brown,
add the chili powder, pepper, and garlic salt.
Turn the heat to low.
Heat another pan with corn oil on high.
(don't leave the kitchen after this step,
or you will come back to a house full of smoke)
Fry the corn tortillas in the hot oil.
(I buy the cheap ones at my local grocery store.
They are thin and not to thick)
Cut up iceberg lettuce in small thin strips
and assemble your tacos. We add grated cheese to the tops
and my husband's homemade hotsauce. My sister-in-law who is the
best cook this side of the Mississippi, likes to put her taco
meat in the uncooked corn tortilla and cook the tacos on a griddle with
very littl oil and no chili powder.
I like them cooked both ways.
I LOVE mexican food. Anytime, Anywhere.


  1. Gosh, my mouth is watering...

    I wish I was at your house this Tuesday! I love Mexican too......maybe I should adopt Taco Tuesday!

  2. mexican food is my favorite. We make tacos similar to yours all the time! yum!

  3. I will be there next Tuesday please account 8 extra tacos for me :)

    Kidding, but seriously sometime I will be there...:)

  4. Not sure if you remember, but back when the show Friends was big time we used to have Taco Thursday so that you could feed us and finish the dishes in time to watch the gang at Central Perk... oh memories...