Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Monday

Would somebody please have a garden party?

So, I have been home for a week and I miss my hubby, ughhh...
I miss cooking for him and making him his favorite cookie
I have a million and one projects for him to do
he will be home in a few weeks and I will be writing how he's driving me crazy
never happy...

Lest you get the wrong idea,
in my mind, those pics from above are happening in the summer
not the spring
I loathe the spring...

I think America eats to much chicken
I have my reasons...
so I have dubbed Sunday's
chicken only

Petie's Sunday Chicken

I soaked a whole chicken in whole milk for a few hours,
drained it,
sprinkled it with olive oil, gave it a squeeze of lemon juice,
poured a little melted butter over it and some salt
and baked it for a couple of hours

Trust me when I say, you won't even have to set the table,
the chicken will be gone before you even get it to the table
it's that good...



  1. I'm baaaaaaack....I missed ya, Petie! Your blog looks great- really fresh and clean looking. I love it.
    Being gone for so long I don't know where your hubby is but sorry you are alone there without him. I assume you are still trying to sell your house.
    Hope you have a good week. xo Diana

    1. Not selling my home. My hubby is working out of town for a while. Sometimes, I feel like my life is so boring, so hence, nothing to write a bout. You have a good week too...