Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deep in Sadness

Nothing can prepare you
losing your dad
some days I have perpetual tears streaming out of my eyes
like a crying doll
He lived 84 good years on this earth
and it seems too short
I want him back
how selfish of me
I will miss the hanging groceries at my front door
and so much more
I have so many questions
about life after death
I thought there would be time to say goodbye
but there wasn't
he went peacefully

I heard this song the other day
and it helped with the noise that is inside my head



  1. I missed this Petie. I am so sorry. I lost my Dad when I was 21 and I still miss him today. What a blessing to have had your dad all these years----but that may make losing him even harder. One day you will find that you are thinking about him and will realize you are smiling because of something he said or did. He is beyond all pain and sorrow where he is -but it is here on Earth that the pain and sorrow continues for those left behind. God bless you- I am sorry....xoDiana

  2. oh I cry with you...

    love to you...