Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little Beach Bungalow

I am moving to Uruguay
to live in this little beach bungalow...
it's perfect
no electricity
no problem
i love burning candles
no running water
might be a problem
since i cannot go without shaving my legs
but there is always the ocean
since i am a hermit
this would be perfect
atlantic ocean
not the indian ocean
which is where i have always wanted to go
did you see top gun?
indian ocean
it sounds so romantic...
of course,
my hubby is invited
i couldn't live without him
and his ability to make me laugh at everything...
and the kids are invited
we would build them their own bungalow
wink, wink

Happy Monday
wishing I was in Uruguay
wherever that is...



  1. Could you please add a wing for me, too? Gorgeous!!!xo Diana

  2. What a blissful get-away! (I am a bit of a hermit myself.) Your writing is cute and witty... love it.