Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Black Friday...

I love Halloween time.
I wish I had an all white house,
just so I could decorate with black for Halloween.

Last year I painted a pumpkin and
woke up one morning to a mess on my front porch.
Who knew pumpkins needed to breath?
I love the black on this pumpkin.
It looks so ethereal.
I also look forward to Sweet Paul's on line magazine,
check it out here,

A cute pop up book,
check out the video here,

unknown source, but it might be from sweet paul magazine last year
Black Apples and one shiny red one.
Don't they look tempting?

country living magazine

and I have no idea 
why I have a thing for black crow's at Halloween time,
but I love these little jars.
What a great way to make use of
jars that I would normally throw away.
On a side note,
I pretty much throw everything away.
My sister on the other hand, keeps everything!
She is Mary and I am Martha of the Bible.
I envy her.
I want to be a Mary.
My Grandmother on my Dad's side,
never threw anything away.
She had a small, chain link fence surrounding her back yard,
and she would hang everything that you would
normally throw away,
on this fence.
It drove me crazy.
I would love to have some of those old jars today.

Happy Friday early,


  1. Very fun!... the way you put this together. Creative!

  2. So funny, I was just talking to my daughter yesterday about what a Martha I am. I'm with you, I'd love to be a Mary, but it just isn't in me! I need to be taking care of everyone all the time. Found you on the follower's fest. :)

  3. I love that black pumpkin picture! I also love your blog. You have a new follower from the Follow Fest, I can't wait to read more!