Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you have your Green ON?

  Either do I.
I could tell you that my underwear are green.
But I don't own any green underwear.
Never have.

My apron has green in it.
Does that count?
I guess I will have to wear it all day.

I have no idea why I have pictures of jewelry in this post,
other than, they have green in them and I thought they were
really pretty.

pie ranch photo

On another note,
after driving through Starbucks the other day to get my daughter
a venti green tea after school, 
she said she was soooooo dehydrated,
 (note to self, call school and ask if they still have water fountains.
  Not to sure about the public school systems today,
 they might have decided that water wasn't necessary anymore,
 since they know how to raise a child better than any of us parents do),
Where was I?
Oh yeah, Starbucks.
When I got to the window to pay,
the friendly lady at the window said you have your choice of a
 free Starbucks mini dessert.
Doesn't she know that I gave sweets up for Lent?
Just my luck.
Any other time of the year,
 I would have been jumping for joy over a free dessert.
sits patiently in my freezer waiting for Sunday.

Did you expect me to say, "No thank you"?


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