Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bathroom Inspiration

image unknown

Words cannot describe how I feel about this image...

If you look really close you can see
 a cup and toothbrushes
on top of the mirror..
If there ever was an image that made me
want to jump into it...
this would be it...
I think this was my bathroom in another lifetime...



  1. Hi Petie, what a gorgeous picture. I love it!! I agree there is something about it, that crazed mirror and the chandelier and then the ducks. Such a great image, it captures me too. Your blog is so lovely, thank-you for stopping by mine. The answer to your question about the lounge - I found it in a second-hand store and had it recovered in linen. It's just divine. A rare find for me. Have a wonderful weekend! Leahxx

  2. or this lifetime ... just transport yourself there honey!!!

    thanks for stopping over ... you blog is beautiful
    will you please let me know when you open your etsy