Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!

It seems as if


has already "sprung" by looking
at all the blogs...


Arizona is beautiful in the spring,

especially with all the

rain that we have

been fortunate

to get,

the desert will be in full bloom

and gorgeous,

means that

HOT weather

is just around the corner...

Lucky for us

desert rats,

we have AC and Swimmimg Pools ....

C U at the Pool...


pic found here


  1. I will see you...and I love all the additions to your blog. Now when I want to remind myself of the ideas I'm going to steal/borrow from your house I can just come should start writing about some of your home projects! You are so good at what you do!!

  2. i look at everyones pictures of spring blooming in their backyards and sigh...the scene outside my window is still snow covered...uugghh...oh well maybe by june we will see some green grass!! :0)

    thanks for stopping by my little blog again, your sweet comments always bring a smile...*thank you*