Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sugar Cookies Again!

I can't believe
I am making these cookies
again, and so soon after
These cookies are being made with Love (not)
for my daughter's
PTO Bake Sale.
When I said,
"Yes, I would love to make cookies for your bake sale",
I was assuming that other mother's
would be baking and bringing cookies too.
I was wrong.....
I am the only mother at the school who can whip
out 250 sugar cookies in a day....

if I can keep my son from eating
them all, they just
might make it to the school.


  1. You are a wonderful Holly and I would say you get a medal in the domestic olympics:)

  2. a Gold medal for sure!

    And I'm jealous, but it is probably good news for my waistline that I can't make it to the bake sale.

  3. Oh my gosh that's a lot of cookies! They do look deeeelish though...and so pretty too!!! You're a good mom to do it :)

    To answer your question on my blog...what is currently in my shop is all I will be able to get from Jeanne d' Arc Living for awhile as they have decided not to ship anymore to the US (they are in Denmark) until they can secure a US distributor. I will be getting new items, but just not the St. Therese stencil or Madonna print (at least not for awhile)...

    :) T

  4. Hi Rachel!
    thanks for stopping by and commenting!.. Gosh I would LOVE to see you at Art Camp!.. keeping fingers crossed.. these cookies look so adorable!
    Hugs Terri