Thursday, April 9, 2020

I think we’ve been duped by an agenda.
Fear mongering, scare tactics, dooms day talk.
I must admit, I bought into it hook, line and sinker in the beginning.
Scared for my daughter, we stayed home.
The longer this goes on, my gut is telling me, stop with the nonsense.
Now we are being told, we must all be vaccinated.
We will have to stay home for another 18 months or so.
I can’t even wrap my head around this nonsense.
Why are we being sheeple’s?

The top pic is what my counter looks like most days.
The pic of Jesus, I found in my soup pot,
drawn by my granddaughter for me to find at a later date.
I don’t think it was an accident that it was found during some crazy times.
I got the message.
God is with us.
Have faith.
Stand strong.
Stand for your principals.
Be a rebel.

After April 30th,
I am done with this nonsense.

Happy Easter,


Friday, August 30, 2019

August 30 2019

If hell is anything like Arizona summers,
I better clean up my act…
It is hot as balls in the desert state.
And who came up with that phrase,
“hot as balls”?

The little one with the gap between his teeth,
Is most likely, our last monkey…
He is so loveable.
He loves to facetime and then just stare at the phone,
Not saying a word.
I love it when his mom has called me and he realizes that I am on the phone
and comes running down the hallway yelling,
mimi, mimi

For some reason,
I always thought, that when you grew older, life wouldn’t be so busy
And then God laughed…
I feel busier in old age then I did when I was raising my own children and working…
Which seems odd to me.
I started a new job
And I LOVE it…
Not doing the fall show at Junk in the Trunk this year,
which is bittersweet.
I will miss setting up the booth.
I love being creative and bringing  life to vintage pieces and seeing everything come together.
I do miss that…
I still do some picking, being a lot more selective in what I buy,  just saving everything I’m finding for the right time to show and sell…

Switching up the summer colors in my home to some fall colors,
Even though,
When you venture outside,
You melt (literally)…


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October 30, 2018

Thinking a lot about clothes lately.
I really don't need anything
but once again,
I find myself down a rabbit hole
 on the internet looking at clothes I don't need.
I love fall and sweaters and coats
and anything pumpkin.
which by the way, I have not bought one pumpkin this year.
WTH is wrong with me?
I did put out my plastic pumpkins that I light up at night, each one with
their own carved out face.
It's all flying by so fast.
I feel as if my list of to do's is always growing.
No matter how much I get done.
It just keeps growing and growing
and here I sit,
looking at page after page of cute clothes that I don't need.
I need a secretary...

Monday, April 16, 2018

My ever changing dining room.
A hodgepodge of things that I purchase for my vintage shows,
that don't sell. I have big plans for this room.
A BIG chandelier, wallpaper, lockers, new chairs, and some art that is not countryish. Going in a totally different direction.

Life is moving full speed ahead.
My youngest will be graduating from college in May.
I remember when she was born, and I was so scared for the future.
and here we are, almost 23 years later and she is a force to be reckoned with.
I admire her. The challenges that she faces on an everyday basis.
A little person in a big world.
God has big plans for you. Stay faithful...

I have a big show at the end of April.
So much work, but so much fun.
I went to a farm auction this past saturday.
It's my drug.  On sunday, I was going through withdrawals.
I stayed the whole day. Forgot to put sunscreen on.
But my red face is so worth it.
All I can think about is "when is the next one?"

My hubby and I have been kidless for the last few months and
we LOVE it...
Our son took a job out of state, which left us alone
 for the first time since we were married. 
Eating popcorn every night and watching LivePD
every friday and saturday night.
 Such a silly show, but we get the best laughter from watching it.
I love growing old with this man.

We now have four monkeys from our oldest.
From the minute they arrive at our house until they leave,
it's a whirlwind and some days it's a tornado.
I love these little people with all my heart.
Who knew living through a kid tornado would be so much fun.
My daughter has so much patience. She's a beautiful Mother.
I admire her too. In a world that says, leave your children and get a career.
She has chosen to stay home.
She has answered the calling that God has blessed her with.
What a beautiful thing to witness.

and so life goes on...


Saturday, August 19, 2017


Everything in this pic is thrifted. 
In my line of work,
thrifting, is everyday.
It's in my blood.
Got it from my dad.
There wasn't a yard sale, thrift store, indian pawn shop
that we didn't stop at, to rummage through the junk
 that they had displayed.
And of course,
in the summer, up north in arizona
we always stopped by the indian stores in town.
We were always lucky enough to come home
with a piece of jewelry,
a bracelet, a ring or a pair of earrings.
Whatever we wanted.
We were so spoiled in love.
I have a collection of indian dolls that were bought from these stores.
Ketchy, little brown plastic dolls.
Dressed in indian attire.
Leather dresses, beads and feathers.
According to the Antique Roadshow,
they really aren't worth much.
But to me,
they are everything.
And if you were lucky enough to be a friend or a cousin
that was along for the ride that day,
My dad always bought a memory for them too.
The good ole days in America...
(I know its not pc to say indian, but as you can see,
I really don't give a damn...)


Thursday, June 8, 2017

I remember shopping for this dress.
I went with my Mother to a place called Goldwater's.
They had the most beautiful wedding dresses.
I tried two dresses on and when I put this one on,
I knew.
It had pink flowers and a pink ribbon.
34 years later and it's still hanging in my mother's closet
and I'm still sleeping with the same guy.

Life is a bit strange lately.
Not busy, but busy...
it seems as if, time is flying by.
Not accomplishing much.
Which drives me crazy. I'm list maker. A doer.
And I can't seem to get my sh.. together.
I can't even decide if I'm drinking latte's or diet coke.
Eating healthy, and then eating chocolate ice cream from the carton
because my sweet tooth has kicked in and eating healthy is out the window.
Grocery list? what's that?
What to cook for dinner draws a blank. Every single morning.
Praying. Not praying.
Mad at God. In love with God.
In love with my husband. Mad at my husband.

What are you fixing for dinner tonight?

Monday, June 5, 2017

I feel like I boarded a plane that was bound for war.
as if, I was dropped from the sky and landed in a country that was no longer mine.
and there's no escape.
It feels like hell.
A war without guns, tanks or fighter jets or bombs.

Good vs. Evil
Evil has ramped up its forces.
Good is vacillating on being PC.

Everything that I was taught growing up is upside down.

I am a stranger in my own country.